Our Prime Industries

How We Do It?

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

We design, implement & customize enterprise systems for security trading, portfolio management, risk management, asset securitization, e-Finance and Financial operations. We help clients optimally manage all aspects of proprietary technology development including Analysis, Strategy, Design, Implementation, Deployment and Maintenance.

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Travel & Hospitality

Over a decade of experience in this industry, serving Travel and Hospitality firms is like a cake walk to ZSoft. Due to our strong expertise in travel and hospitality domain, we are capable of taking complete ownership for managing our clients' technology operations and also extend our services towards supporting their customers with our experienced BPOs group.

Independent Software Vendors

We have gained an in-depth knowledge on product life cycle development services and thus our focus was always on providing robust/up-to-date product development services to ISVs - using cutting edge technologies, while maintaining and supporting their legacy products by always exceeding their expectations. ZSoft has successfully migrated most of our client's existing products to SaaS model (SaaS enablement), apart from our regular migration services (legacy systems to latest technologies). We have also developed a few products on SaaS model, right from the conceptualization.

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the automotive industry is looking for avenues to reduce costs, shorten product lifecycles, innovate and collaborate with partners – suppliers or dealers, to deliver customer value. The Automotive Industry is chasing highly price sensitive & demanding customers in economically challenging times, signified by excess capacity, fewer customers and geographical market shifts. Large manufacturing and assembly investments have been made, and excess capacity threatens the industry – from the largest to the best established automakers and their supply chain partners. As the automotive industry becomes truly global, enterprises need to align themselves with changing demand and supply patterns.

Healthcare IT Services

ZSoft brings in healthcare product development expertise and have proven experience in EHR/EMR products, Regulatory compliance software, Qualified Physician Reporting tool, and more. We provide technology expertise as well as healthcare industry subject matter expertise to our clients to cater the industry regulation requirement and the business needs..

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